Small Business Survival Tips For January!

As every small business owner will know, there’s no month quite like January for poor sales, cold mornings, a lack of motivation, and the general feeling of wanting to pull up the duvet covers and not emerge until Spring has well and truly arrived. After the hectic lead up to Christmas, January often falls very flat, especially as most customers are feeling the sting of over-spending during the festive season, and have a longtime to wait until payday. Here’s a few survival tips that I’m trying out, whilst I wait for February 1st!

1. Re-design, Re-decorate!
Either if you’re online-based, or have a physical shop, January is the perfect time to rejuvenate. I’m planning on re-painting all the furniture in my shop next week, whilst it’s quiet, as it’s starting to look chipped and sorry for itself after three months of constant use. I’m also going to put up a few new shelves and paintings, and add some more hooks to freshen up my presentation, and change things up a bit. My blog is going to have a facelift too. January is a time for new beginnings and this makes it a great time to implement new changes, be it a logo or a whole re-brand!

2. Get Busy Making!
After the Christmas rush, I’ve suddenly found I have a lot more available time on my hands without so much packaging, address writing, and trips to the Post Office. A great way to use this time, is to go back to the thing I love most about my business – creating and making new products. January is the perfect time to try out making new things, and plan new ranges for the year ahead!


3. Hold A Sale Or Promotion!
January is an ideal time to use special offers to try and tempt in possible customers. I know a lot of handmade businesses don’t like to put their items on sale, as they take a lot of time to make and are really unique, but ‘Free Postage’ or ‘Free Gift With Each Order’ are great alternatives, as well as price cuts on items that haven’t sold as well as you’d hoped.Β 


4. Plan The Year Ahead!
Book craft fairs, write out that pitch you’ve been putting off, or start thinking about Easter – or dare I mention it? – next Christmas. The first month of the year is a wonderful point to look out from and start trying to shape your business year ahead. Get a notebook to write your plans in, or plot everything onto a calendar or wall chart. It eases your mind to know you’ve a clear idea of what you’re doing next, and can see a light at the end of the cold, wintery tunnel.Β 


5. Indulge!
Treat yourself! Take some time out, rest up, and get ready for all the exciting plans you’ve made, and all the fab new products that’ll soon be selling like hot cakes. Read a book you haven’t had time for, catch up on TV, get that sneaky hot chocolate; it’s all too easy to let January get you down, so make sure you take the opportunity to cheer yourself up, and keep yourself going!


I hope you enjoyed reading these tips and found them, at least a little bit, helpful!
Go and have a read of all the wonderful crafty blogs at Handmade Monday!

31 responses to “Small Business Survival Tips For January!

  1. Do you have suggestions for finding actual craft fairs? I know it’s a different scene in the US than in the UK, but maybe there are some similarities? I’ve tried looking online and it’s just a mess of really really expensive events (or that’s all I can really find). I did one holiday fair in December, but I want to find Valentines Day events. Any ideas?

    • Hmmm I find Facebook quite good for finding fairs, via the pages of other crafters in my area etc… I did one big fair, that was expensive, but I found it not good – too many bought in/mass produced products – independent ones are definitely the way forward! Try Etsy teams/forums too for suggestions!

  2. Thanks so much for inspiring me to get up and get going in January! I need to get my mojo back and you’ve helped with some great suggestions.

  3. Excellent tips – after the Christmas rush January can feel cold and slow, It’s sometimes very necessary to make plans, even as far ahead as next Christmas when it’s such a busy time!

  4. A great post, very helpful. I think someone has put superglue on me and my duvet πŸ™‚
    Hope you have a good week.

  5. Wonderful tips to encourage a revamp. My favourite’s got to be the hot chocolate and muffins, i’m so easily distracted. Have a productive week.
    Ali x

  6. Thanks so much for the tips – they resonated perfectly with how I’m feeling, even though we are at the height of summer and motivation is lacking due to humidity rather than cold πŸ™‚ I’ve had a lovely time reorganising my work space and populating a wall calendar with key dates for the year, and planning to attend our national Handmade Festival in June. Fun fun fun! Good luck with the year ahead – it sounds like you’re off to a great start!

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