3 Goals For The Year!

Although I’ve set myself lots and lots of targets and challenges for the upcoming year, I thought today I’d share with you three main goals – one relating to my products, one to marketing, and one to life in general – that are less specific, and more overall, long-term aims. 

1. Product Related Goal – Get Painting!
This year I really want to push my artistic side and create a range of products – or perhaps even an entire new sideline – featuring my own paintings and artwork. I’ve always loved painting and drawing, and I’ve also always wanted to continue with it, after studying it during my A Levels, when it basically took up the most part of every single day. I bought myself some new paints and bits and bobs last week and I’ve been sketching and trying out some different styles this weekend. I have a lot of ideas – including a special, secret project which I’ve been working on since last Autumn – so I feel quite confident about this target!


2. Marketing Related Goal – Build Up The Blog!
It’s the same old goal for me marketing-wise, this year. I want to blog more, read blogs more, comment more, and generally improve my blogging network.  I’d also quite like to redesign the look of my blog, and revamp some of the content. 


3. Life Related Goal – Don’t Stop Writing!
I definitely want 2013 to be the year I write more than any other. I want to finally finish the little novel I’ve been working on for, seriously, something like 3 years now! It’s not a great work of art, but it’s something I’ve wanted to complete for so long now, that I think it’d be really nice to get a sense of closure upon finishing it. This target also ties in nicely with my aim to blog more, and another little perhaps-I’ll-do-it project that’s ticking away at the back of my mind.


So, there you have it – my three main goals for the year! Now you’ll be able to keep checking up on me to see if I’m sticking to them! Perhaps you could set yourself a product-related, marketing-related, and life-related goal, if you’re struggling with resolutions or ideas. 

2 responses to “3 Goals For The Year!

  1. Nice!! 🙂 I hope you will keep the resolutions 🙂
    I am not giving myself any serious resolutions this year other than finally finish uni and get a job. I think that enough :DD
    Have a great year!

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