Hello 2013!

So I know I’m a little behind, but I was struck down by a nasty virus and saw in the New Year feeling very poorly, in bed. Not the great start I’d planned, but oh well…

It’s a whole new year!
And I’m absolutely full to bursting with ideas, and goals, and thoughts and plans!
I know that 2013 can be such a good year for both Goodnight Boutique, and me, that I hardly know where to start.


Yesterday I took a large piece of paper and mapped out my goals for each month of the year. It was helpful to break the large expanse of the coming year down into twelve smaller chunks, and in turn break those down into four different goals. I’ve also left a blank space at the bottom of each month to write in, afterwards, what I achieved. 
& yes, the plan is colour coded.
I like stationery.


I’ve set myself a lot of challenges this year. Some are highly unattainable, and some should be able to be reached with a bit of old fashioned hard work, but it’s good to aim big.
How have you looked at the coming year? Got a plan? Or taking it as it comes?

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