12 Days Of Christmas! Ginger & Cinnamon Biscuit Tutorial!

Today I finally managed to find the time to write out a tutorial for the delicious biscuits I made on Wednesday to hang on our tree, as an alternative to tree chocolates. Freshly baked biscuits make the whole house smell wonderful, and the cinnamon and ginger really give it a Christmas-y feel! These biscuits are really easy to make, look fab, and don’t take up too much time! Ready?

Ginger & Cinnamon Christmas Tree Decoration Biscuits!

You Will Need:
An Oven (Naturally!)
Several Baking Trays
2 Mixing Bowls
A Wooden Spoon
A Set Of Scales
A Rolling Pin
Cookie Cutters (I used hearts & stars but any shape would work!)
A Skewer
A Seive
100g Caster Sugar
100g Butter
150g Self Raising Flour
1 Table Spoon Of Milk
Mixed Spices
Icing Sugar

Step 1
Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4, measure out your ingredients, and grease two or three baking trays with some butter. You could also use grease proof paper (this helps to stop the biscuits spreading too much when cooking).
Step 2
Mix together the butter and the caster sugar in a large mixing bowl with your wooden spoon. Continue to mix them until they are smoothly blended, creamy and light.
Step 3
Then add your milk and flour. Sift in the flour gradually, and add the milk alongside it, stirring continuously. Carry on stirring until the flour is well mixed in, and the mixture is beginning to form clumps. At this point you need to roll up your sleeves, and knead the mixture with your hands! Get stuck in!
Step 4
Once the mixture is well kneaded, split it into two equal halves and put the parts in two different bowls.
Step 5
Into one bowl add cinnamon. I like my biscuits to have a lot of flavour, so I was quite liberal with the spices, but it’s entirely dependent on taste! In the other bowl, add ginger and mixed spice. Then knead both of the mixtures again. (Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly in between kneading the two doughs otherwise the flavours will get mixed together.)


Step 6
Dust a clean, flat surface with some flour, and spread a little on the rolling pin too to avoid the dough sticking to it. Now, one at a time, you need to roll out your doughs and cut out your biscuits with a cookie cutter. Use two different shapes so that it is easy to differentiate between the two flavours.
Step 7
When you have cut out as many biscuits as you possibly can, (I never like to waste dough!), transfer them to your pre-greased baking trays. Now, using a skewer, pierce a small hole at the top of each one. Put them into an oven and leave them to bake for twenty minutes, or until they are a light golden brown.


Step 8
Once they are done, remove the biscuits from the oven and whilst they are still hot, and soft, re-pierce the holes you made earlier. This will make it easy to hang them on the tree later. Now leave them to cool.
Step 9
Once the biscuits are cool, lightly dust them with icing sugar, using your sieve. They always smell so invitingly wonderful at this point, that it’s a struggle not to eat them all there and then, and forget about using them for decorations!
Step 10
The final step is to thread your biscuits with ribbon, string, or wool, so that you can put them onto your Christmas tree. I used a bright, red wool to go with the colour scheme of my tree. Knot the wool tightly at the top, and hang artistically on your tree! There! Don’t they look festive?


Alternatively, instead of putting a hole in the biscuits and hanging them on the tree, you could tie them with the wool or ribbon and give them as a little gift or treat!

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