12 Days Of Christmas! Quirky Baubles!

This evening we put up our Christmas tree and decorated it, whilst watching Christmas Specials of The Vicar Of Dibley. It was a nice evening. 

I love getting out the decorations, and especially the unusal baubles I’ve collected over the years. I have one in the shape of a telephone box, which I love, and one in the shape of a banjo. Here’s some more quirky baubles for you to have a browse of…





Just click on the images of the baubles to go through to the sites I found them on!

Do you have a favourite ornament or decoration that you love to get out, year in, year out and put up on the tree? 

3 responses to “12 Days Of Christmas! Quirky Baubles!

  1. I think all of your work is great! – cutting and creative!
    I just wish I still lived in Manchetser! (I miss Afflecks Palace)!
    (The Hacienda and The Dry Bar.. and Atlas and – I think I’m still stuck in a time warp)! – Keep up the great work!

    Steve – http://we-love-wood.com

  2. How unusual your decorations are! I don’t have a favourite, but they all have memories attached. Have a lovely Christmas and ee you at Handmade Monday in the New Year, Jo x

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