Christmas! Glittery Bird Decoration Tutorial!


Today I thought I’d share with you a tutorial for cute glittery birds, that work perfectly as Christmas tree decorations or adorning a wreath. I hope you enjoy it!


You Will Need –
Polystyrene Bird Shapes (You can pick these up very cheaply on Amazon or Ebay)
Glitter (In a few different, sparkly shades)
Acrylic Paints
Plastic Cups
Colourful Craft Feathers
Craft Glue
Paint Brushes
Crocodile Clips or Black Thread

Step 1
The first thing you have to do is prime your soon-to-be feathery friends with a base coat of paint. Acrylic works best, in a nice bright shade! Due to the nature of the 3D shape this is a potentially messy task. I found the best way to paint the birds neatly was to cover as much as you could holding the shape, then pop it in a plastic cup, and go over the areas you missed. This also leaves them in a good position to dry – no chance of getting stuck to newspaper!


Step 2
Once your shapes are nicely dry the fun begins… Out comes the glitter! You’ll need two complimenting shades – one for the body and head, and one for the wings. Once you’ve picked your colours you can begin to apply glue all over the bird, but carefully avoiding the wings. Shake glitter, first over one side, then rest it face down on the cup, and do the other. The plastic cup comes in handy again at this stage for it catches any lose glitter. Once there is even covering – which may take a few attempts! – leave them to dry again. It’s important that the first colour of glitter is completely dry before you try adding the next.

Step 3
Carefully apply glue – it’s easiest if you use a paint brush – to the empty wing area. Make sure the edges are neat and even, as the glitter will stick to wherever you glue! Take out your second colour and repeat the process from earlier, shaking glitter over one wing, and then the other, using the cup to catch the excess.

Step 4
You now have a rather nice looking, sparkly bird, but we need to add some detail! Select three or four feathers, in a matching colour to the body glitter, to form the tail. You should be able to poke the ends of the feathers into the polystyrene, and then secure them with a little glue. Select a further two feathers, this time matching the colour of the wings, and stick them over the top half of the wings, using glue. You can sprinkle a little more glitter over the wing feathers to cover the ends, and the glue.
Step 5
Naturally, every self-respecting bird needs a sparkly beak… Gold or silver glitter works best for this. Put a little glue on the tip of your birds beak and cover in glitter. Now leave to dry.

Step 6
There are two ways to attach your fabulous festive creation to the Christmas tree. You can either use a crocodile clip, glued underneath your bird just about where his little feet would go, or with thread from his back. If you chose to glue on a crocodile clip, make sure you use a strong super glue or craft glue.
Your bird is now finished, ready to be popped onto the tree, and eternally grateful for taking him from the bland uniformity of polystyrene, to the be-jewelled, feathery work-of-art he is now. Take many photographs of him, as he’ll enjoy posing!

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