Would You Like That Gift Wrapped?

Imagine ordering all your Christmas presents, someone gift wrapping them for you, writing all those pesky tags, and then popping them to the Post Office and off to their intended recipient! Wouldn’t it be bliss? No mad rush trying to find sellotape and scissors, no arm aching from the incessant writing of ‘Merry Christmas’, no trying to remember last posting dates, and going out in the cold to try and find a post box. Instead, you could sit back, have another glass of mulled wine, and  an extra mince  pie… Much better, I think!

Well, this year Goodnight Boutique is offering gift wrap in three, beautiful, handmade styles! Part of our ‘Brown Paper & String’ range, the gift wrap features my own, unique, illustrations, printed on 100% eco-friendly thick, brown paper.
Purchase the gift wrap in addition to any other item in my shop, and I’ll gift wrap it for you! Just pop in the ‘Instructions To Seller’ box, what message you want on the tag.

The gift wrap features one A4 sheet of paper, a tag threaded with thick, white string, and a short length of pretty, red, ribbon for all those finishing touches! One set of gift wrap is enough for one item – if you’re ordering more than one item and want them all gift wrapped, just send me a message upon purchase and I’ll set you up a custom listing!
Of course, if you just simply love the gift wrap and want to use it yourself, you can just buy it on its own!

I’ll be adding the gift wrap to the shop this evening!

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