How To Pitch Successfully To Blogs And Magazines

I thought today I’d try and share some of my recent success in being featured in ‘Good Homes’ magazine with you! Much like my post on how I achieved my first one hundred Etsy sales, I’m going to tell you how I ended up being featured in a glossy, nationwide magazine, sharing my own tips and advice, and by no means claiming to be an expert!

First thing’s first, prepare a wonderful product – and I know none of you will find this difficult – but make sure you do it in plenty of time. When it comes to being featured with any seasonal ranges (Christmas, Valentines, Easter etc) top bloggers and editors will put their features together months in advance, and expect submissions to be sent in plenty of time. I sent the pitch for my Christmas range out in June!

Secondly, chose very carefully where you want your work to appear. The magazine, or blog, has to fit in with your products, appeal to any potential customers, and be something you, yourself, love to read. You won’t get a feel for a blog or magazine unless you spend time reading it! Now that you’ve picked where you’d love to be featured, we come to the pitch itself.

Always be polite – which goes without saying – and make sure you address whomever you’re talking to by name. This is instantly more appealing and personal, than a generic email beginning with “Hi” and shows you’ve taken time to look your intended recipient up and find out a little about them. Begin your email – or letter – by saying what it is you love so much about your chosen publication and how long you’ve been reading it for. Don’t overdo it! A short, to the point, sentence works best.

 “Hi _______,
I’ve been reading your blog for about 6 months now, and I really love the craft tutorials you feature! I’ve had a go at making some really fun projects – I especially enjoyed the kitten one – and love looking at how other people’s attempts turn out!”

Never pitch to a publication you haven’t taken the time to read. You won’t know if your products will fit in with their audience, and a generic sounding email, with no personal touches, will soon be overlooked. After your introduction, move on to introduce yourself and what you do, bringing it quickly around to the product you want to be featured. Be brief!

My name is ______ and I love to hand make _____. Recently I’ve been working on a fabulous new range called _____.

Then give a little backstory to your items. Again, I emphasise ‘little’. Editors & bloggers are often incredibly busy, and pages and pages of writing, however interesting, will not be read. Say why you made your product, what inspired you, and why you believe it will fit right in with their publication.  A short paragraph, consisting of a few sentences – no more!
Make sure in this paragraph, you’ve stated what you want. This is very important. Whoever you’re emailing has to know what it is you’re after!

I’d love it if you could feature this range in your magazine as I believe it works really well with your other craft-based features and would appeal to your readers because _______.

Conclude your pitch by sharing your website, or Facebook, or any other page you may have. Share a couple of links at most – don’t fling in every single page you’ve ever signed up for!

End by saying that you’ve included a few pictures. Make sure it is a few! Include a couple of photographs of the products against a blank, white, background, and a couple of ‘lifestyle’ shots of the products in use, or of your workspace. Make sure the photographs themselves, are very high quality, but send small images in the pitch to ensure that they load quickly. Nobody is going to wait half an hour for a single picture to load, no matter how beautiful it is. They’ll request the large versions when the time comes!

Now you’re all ready to be featured in a lovely, glossy magazine now!
I hope these tips have been helpful! They worked for me at any rate!

As a final word…
Don’t be too disappointed if you don’t hear anything back for a long, long time. It took me five months to hear back, but it was worth the wait! If you don’t hear back at all, again, don’t worry! Perhaps you’re products weren’t quite right for that particular issue or post, or they were simply inundated with pitches. Pick yourself back up, and try again! A professional pitch and fabulous products will catch an editor’s eye – it’s only a matter of time!

For other great craft tutorials, blogs, and projects head over to Handmade Monday at Handmade Harbour!

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  1. Fantastic advice, thank you. I’ve read several blog posts on how to pitch to magazine editors but I’m always left wondering what exactly should I say. Your post has been really helpful and I actually feel a bit more confident to send a tentative email to a particular magazine now. Thanks again

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