An Update On The Shop!

Well, things have been very, very, hectic here this week.
It’s been full-on in preparations for the upcoming opening of the shop, and there’s been plenty to sort out. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, check out this blog post here!

I’ve been trying to make as many things as I can this week, including lots and lots of vintage bunting, wooden laser cut necklaces, paintings, earrings, and so much more, as well as sourcing, buying, and painting furniture, ordering new business cards, labels, and backers!Β Here’s some photographs from this morning…



Today the first bits of furniture got put into the space – which seems quite empty at the moment – and I’m still looking for a couple more. I have a lovely large mirror, lots of big picture frames, and some lovely floral fabric that I’ve made bunting and banners from. It’s a lovely space with lots of natural light, and I’m so excited for next weekend, when everything else is going in!

See what lots of other, lovely, crafty people have been up to here –Β

20 responses to “An Update On The Shop!

  1. What an exciting time! Can’t wait to see it filled with lovely stock. Enjoy doing it and make sure to take lots of photos to share with us!

  2. Good luck with your shop. Afflecks is amazing. My daughters at Uni in Manchester. So I’ll tell her to have a look at your shop the next time she’s there.
    Ali x

  3. Best wishes for the opening of your newshop. You must be so excited! I visit Manchester a few times a year, and love Afflecks. I will try and pop into your shop, which I am sure will be very busy! Good luck!

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