My Favourite Nail Polish!

Another post about some of my favourite things – this time it’s nail polish!


I love these polishes, with their cork bottle tops and rustic-styled ribbon by Megan Miller. They look super sweet and unique! £14



I think it’s self-explanitory why I love these… Cats! On nail varnish! Need I say anymore?



I love the little bows on these nail paints by Ciate and I also love the names they give to each different colour. My favourites were Cupcake Queen and Twinset & Pearls! £9


I couldn’t talk about nail varnish without mentioning Barry M! They make my absolute favourite nail varnish in the world – they dry really quickly and they go on in a beautiful, thick, glossy coat. I really like the pastel shades they have, as well as their glitter polishes – I own far too many!


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