Cute Ring Display Tutorial!

This is a tutorial on how to make a sweet little ring tray, perfect for displaying jewellery on a craft stall!

I’ve always found rings a difficult item to display. They’re small, awkward to attach to any sort of display card, and can easily get lost amongst the larger items on your stall.

Last week, before going to Blackpool for a large vintage fair, I decided to do something about the ring ‘situation’ and crafted my very own ring display tray, which makes them easier to notice, and looks really cute!


You Will Need –

A Chocolate Box Tray (The little plastic bit all the chocolates sit in!)
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Beads or Pearls (To decorate!)


Step One – Clean The Tray

Having been given the perfect excuse tobuy a box of chocolates, once finished, remove the plastic tray, and give it a little clean with a damp cloth.


Step Two – Apply A Base Coat

Pick which colour you wish your ring display to be. I chose a pastel blue as Goodnight Boutique’s colour scheme is yellow and blue. Acrylic paint is perfect as it’s easy to apply, and equally easy to clean, and it dries fairly quickly. Using your paintbrush, paint on a rough base coat. Don’t worry if bits of your tray can still be seen here and there – they’ll be coveredup on the next coat!

Step Three – Paint The Top Layer

Once the base coat is dry, using the same colour, add another layer. This time paint a little more carefully, making sure any visible bits of the tray still peeping through from beneath the base coat, are covered. Two layers should give an even covering of paint.

Step Four – Decorate

This is fun part! Using little beads, pearls, or sequins, add a little decoration. Make sure you don’t over do it – you don’t want customers to be searching for your rings amidst a sea of beads! I added some small bows to each corner of my tray, and attached a business card with a tacky craft glue, to help the display fit the branding of the rest of my table.

There you go – one ring display!

9 responses to “Cute Ring Display Tutorial!

  1. What a great idea! I thought this was an ice cube tray at first, which would work as well, but then you don’t get to eat the chocolate first πŸ™‚
    I love how you added your business card!

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