Goodnight Boutique’s Christmas Ideas!

Now, before anyone says anything – I know it’s June.
More than anyone, I hate Christmas starting early. I dislike people putting their decorations up in November, and will not hear the trace of a carol before December is here. But in the world of business, things have to start early…

I’d like this year, very much, for my Christmas items to featured in lovely blog or magazine. But to achieve this, I need to be uploading them to my shop, and sending them off now  – hence my forward thinking.
And here’s the good part…

I’m really, really excited about the Christmas range I have devised!
It has a nice concept, and has coherent themes running throughout, which give it a feeling of togetherness, and help link the items to one another.

This maybe changed, but at present my range is entitled ‘Brown Paper & String’. I love the idea of traditional packages arriving through the post, and the theme alludes to both the giving and receiving of gifts; sometimes wrapping presents for someone else seems just as exciting as being given them yourself.

I have created four ‘characters’ and they run throughout all my Christmasy items – my bunting, decorations, gift tags, cupcake toppers, and jewellery. Here’s your first sight of them – what do you think?

So, if you have your own small business, have you been thinking of the festive season yet?
Or am I a little mad?

4 responses to “Goodnight Boutique’s Christmas Ideas!

  1. gorgeous makes! and well done you for getting started so early – you’re right, that’s the way to get ahead in the business world!

    you have got me thinking about my own Christmassy creations now… thank you! x

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