5 Goals!

1. Blog more.
I have so many thoughts and ideas I think would make great blogs, so I need to start actually translating them into physical posts. I also decided at the start of the year that I would post tutorials, & having only done 2 so far, I would say I’ve failed miserably. The time has come to put this right. I also want to start getting some guest bloggers on here.
Aim – 4 blog posts a week, including at least 1 tutorial.

While I’m on the subject of blogging…

2. Start using Goodnight Cupcake blog again.
There’s only so many hours in the day, but I take photos of every cupcake I ever eat, and have therefor generated a huge bank of gorgeous cupcake images. Instead of writing lots and lots, I’d like to make this mainly a photo blog – posting a picture everyday – and maybe writing something once a month.
Aim – Post a picture everyday. Write a post once a month.

3.  Start thinking about 2013.
You can’t beat planning ahead, and now we’ve – almost- reached the halfway mark for this year, I want to come up with some ideas that will help me expand and take my business forwards next year. I’d like to re-do my website so that it’s more of a site with a blog attached, than the other way round. I’d also like to start selling through my own site.
Aim – Think of 4 ideas that will help the business move forward next year. (These would be great blog topics, once thought of, helping with goal number 1!)

4. Reach 200 Etsy Sales.
To achieve this I need to make sure I keep posting – and obviously making – new items regularly. Make treasuries, post in the teams – do all the things that are recommended to increase views and sales to your shop.
Aim – Create a treasury once a month. Post in the teams once a day. Post/renew at least 3 new listings a day.

5. Magazine/Blog Features.
This is something really exciting I’d love to start working towards. I need to do some research on creating a great pitch, and I need to get some snaps of myself, and my work space, that help reflect what I do.
Aim – Finish Christmas items and put together a fab pack that can be sent to some lovely blogs and magazines.

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