New Shipping Charges

Sadly, due to the Royal Mail upping their prices as of 30th April, Goodnight Boutique has had to raise it’s postage charges.

It is now –
£2.00 for UK orders
£2.70 for EU orders
£3.30 for the rest of the world.

I have made my postage the lowest I absolutely can & it’s still free postage for every additional item!

I’ve also been having an extremely difficult week due to my computer being broken & sent away to the menders.
I hope to have it back soon & usual blogging, Etsy listing, and Facebooking will resume.

Thank you for all being lovely & understanding!

P.S Here’s a little sneak preview at some of the bunting I’m getting ready for the Summer!

2 responses to “New Shipping Charges

  1. i hope your computer is working again soon – its a bit like missing your right arm these days isn’t it!

    your bunting looks fab 🙂 now all we need is some Summery weather!!

    • Yes, some sun would be lovely! It doesn’t feel like May…
      Hopefully I’ll get it back soon, you don’t realise how much you rely on a computer until it’s gone 😦

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