Titanic – 100 years

100 years ago today, 15th April, the passenger liner RMS Titanic sank, at 2:20 am on the fourth day of it’s voyage across the North Atlantic Ocean.

The tragedy, the heroism, the stories, and acts of bravery should never be forgotten.
In a world of ‘women and children first’, and where men ‘dressed in their best and prepared to go down as gentlemen’,  1,514 souls lost their lives after the White Star Liner struck an iceberg and they were plunged into the icy waters below.

It is not the ship, as much as the people aboard, that continue to fascinate me, and I feel should be remembered for years to come. If you want to find out why the ship, and its untimely end, has both interested and moved me so much perhaps read about JJ Astor, Molly Brown, 5th Officer Lowe, or Charles Joughin, to name just a few…

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