10 Things I Love The Most

A list of the things I love the most (other than people and animals, otherwise every entry on the list would’ve been ‘I love it when my cat yawns’, ‘I love it when my cat sleeps with his paws curled up’ etc…) to fit in with the theme of today! What are you favourite & most cherished things?

1. The Beatles
My first and foremost source for musical – and creative – inspiration. Their songs have the capacity to make me both laugh, and cry, which is something quite exceptional.

2. Soaking In A Hot Bath
When I feel ill, or stressed, or tired, I would happily spend every hour of the day soaking in a bubble filled bath, with my book. They’re lovely little havens of peace and quiet.

3. Clothes & Shoes
If I stopped to count how many pairs of shoes, or dresses, that I own it would probably be an alarmingly large amount. But it is a lovingly put together collection, filled with vintage loveliness, bright colours, and pretty fabrics.

4. Traditional Old Sweet Shops

I love sweeeeeeeeeties. Especially Jelly Beans. They’re the best.

5. London
One of my favourite places. I love all the old buildings, and the Britishness of the red Phone Boxes, and Double Decker Buses.

6. Museums
Once I went to a different museum everyday of the week, including a working Victorian Town, and factory where they made hats. It was a really good week.

7. Harry Potter
Prisoner Of Azkaban is my ultimate comfort read. Our love shall know no bounds.

8. Board Games
Board Games Night is a regular part of my life and for this I am grateful. Though be warned, if you by any of the Red Properties in Monopoly, I will bite you.

9. Tea & Cakes
Please see my previous post. It has been a lifelong romance. We shall probably go to the Ritz in thirty years time to celebrate our Golden Anniversary.

10. Doctor Who
Ten is my Doctor.

I do not own – and didn’t take – any of these photographs, and do not claim credit for their lovely being.
Though yes, that is me in the TARDIS.

4 responses to “10 Things I Love The Most

  1. I love this list!!

    Board game nights?! Amazing! Board games are so overlooked now what with all of the xbox/iphone/playstation games around now. Mousetrap and Game of Life were my favorites!

    PS Im so very jealous you went in the Tardis!!

    • I know – nothing beats a traditional board game!
      I think Monopoly and Cluedo are my best 🙂

      & yess the TARDIS was amazing. It was at a whole Doctor Who themed cottage in Kent 🙂

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