Guest Post – Learn How To Knit with Nazima!

I’ve wanted to try my hand at knitting for a long time and I finally acquired a cute, little, learn-to-knit box last weekend. However, when I tried to make a start I found I was utterly hopeless and couldn’t get the hang of it at all, so I found someone to help…

“Hello readers of Goodnight Boutique!

My name is Nazima and I am a full-time devoted knitter and a part-time university student. I sell my lovingly hand created knitted items and a few vintage pieces on my humble Etsy shop: Namazknitsandbits.
I was contacted by the lovely Laura to provide an introduction on How to Knit.
I must admit I’m no expert, nor am I the most skilled and experienced knitter alive, however, in this post I aim to share the basics of knitting through my step by step guide and hopefully inspire you to pick up the needles and to convey your inner creativity!

What basic tools will I need?

• Knitting needles (preferably wooden/bamboo easiest for beginners)
• A pair of scissors
• 1 ball of yarn
• Darning needle
Remember: The diameter of the needle should match the thickness of your yarn, look at the label of your yarn to see which size needles you require for what you wish to knit.

Let’s begin!

Step 1: Slip knot

The first step in knitting is to make a slip knot in order to attach your yarn to the needle.

1. Pick up the yarn – approximately 30 cm from the end – and create a loop by crossing the long end of the yarn and placing it over the shorter piece.
2. With your left thumb and forefinger, hold the point where the yarns cross and with your right hand take the end shorter piece of the yarn and put it under the loop.
3. & 4. Pierce one of the needles through the loose loop and gently pull both threads of yarn to close the loop over the needle.

Step 2: Cast on

This method enables you to add the required number of stitches to the knitting needle, the width of the item increases as you add more stitches.

5. Grasp the shorter piece of yarn with your right hand and wrap around your thumb (as the picture shows)
6. Take the needle under the loop your thumb is in and place this loop on the left needle. Pull the shorter piece of yarn and remove the stitch off your thumb so that it is transferred to the needle.
7. There should now be two stitches on the left needle
8. Continue until you have 15 stitches.

Step 3: Let’s knit

9. Push the right hand needle through the first loop and behind the left hand needle.
10. Hold the yarn securely with your right hand and wind it round the back of the right hand needle in an anti-clockwise direction.
11. & 12. Catch the yarn with the right needle; pull a loop of the yarn through the first stitch, bringing the right needle in front of the left needle.
13. Now pull the top stitch off the left needle by pulling on the right needle, you will end up with a loop on the right needle and all the stitches on the left needle.
Continue until you have transferred all the stitches from the left hand needle onto your right hand needle.
Step 4: Cast off

15. On a knit row, knit the first two stitches on the right needle.
16. Pick up the first knitted stitch on the left needle with your thumb and forefinger and place on the left needle.
17. Pull this stitch up and over the second stitch and then completely off the needle (The other stitch should remain on the right needle).
18. You will end up with one stitch on the right hand needle, as shown below.
19. Knit another stitch, and then repeat the steps until you have one stitch remaining on the right needle.
20. 21. &  22. The final step is to cut the yarn (leaving about a 10cm of thread) and weave in the thread so it becomes invisible within your knitted piece.

There you have it!”

I’m going to have a Guest Post every weekend – ideas & suggestions welcome!

Head over to for other crafters & wonderful makes!

20 responses to “Guest Post – Learn How To Knit with Nazima!

  1. What a great set of instructions – bet you get lots of hits on your blog as this will be so popular. Hope you have a good week.

  2. Well done on starting to learn to knit… it is such good fun especially the point at which you knit without looking… and that won’t be much longer 🙂

  3. What fun – doesn’t it make a difference when everything comes together in a cute suitcase – very inspiring! Well done for getting going – there are tutorials that have a rhyme – ’round the fence, over the gate’ or something – have a look on You Tube! I’ve used them when teaching students sometimes.

  4. ooh good post, my friend started knitting before Christmas and she is doing really well. To me I’ve tried but find hand knitting hard. I used to be good at machine knitting when at Uni but that’s as far as I got!

  5. OMG – I’m so excited!! I could knit when I was young but only because my Grandma used to cast on for me…. Now I may be able to do it myself!

    Not that I have any time (or money for supplies at the mo either!) but I am keeping this post for future reference! Thank you for this – the knit box looks great and the tutorial very easy to follow.

    Ali x

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