Bird Cages & Vintage Cases

Today I had a stall at my first Vintage Fair of 2012 – Vintage Escapades Valentine’s Fair in Woore Victory Hall!
I was pretty excited as I had my new stock – Tote Bags & Pocket Mirrors – and some new props for my stall too. Over Christmas I picked up a gorgeous Shabby Chic cream bird cage, and a lovely Vintage Union Jack printed suitcase.

To fit in with the Valentine’s Day theme of the fair I scattered little packets of love hearts, for customers to pick up & have, and they added a nice retro, pop of colour!

Also – I’ve been making some new cushions this week. They’re by far my favourite of any I’ve ever made. They’ve improved so much in style/design to the last batch. I thought I’d include a photo of my hair too, as I really loved how it went today; Victory Rolls and Beret all perfectly in place! Ignore my poor nose, as I have such a terrible cold – concentrate on the hair!

I think I’m going to start posting some tutorials on here. as well as carrying on with sharing other crafters/Etsians.
My next sharing post will have the theme of Tea, Cake, Tea Parties, anything of that sort, as I’ve been on two outings recently to the cutest, Vintage tea-shop imaginable & I can’t wait to share the photos! If you – or anyone else you’ve stumbled upon – has any lovely makes relating to this theme, and you would like to be featured, just pop a link below!

Pop over to to carry on the Crafty-ness!

11 responses to “Bird Cages & Vintage Cases

  1. Lovey stall well done, and I love the hair 🙂
    I’ll have a think about your themes. I have sweeties and cherry purses/bags if that qualifies? Or a cupcake dog bandana!
    Keep up the good work, your cushions are fab x

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