If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

During the winter, when it’s bright and fresh, there’s nothing quite as lovely as going for a walk through the woods, with sunshine filtering through the trees. It’s very fairytale-like. Last weekend I went to Alderley Edge, which is one of my favourite places, and it was a really beautiful day. I wore a lovely new tea dress, which I managed to pick up for just a £1!, and my own cute, toy carrot ring.

Inspired by my trip I found some woodland-themed things made by some fellow Etsians.

I love these fox cushions by Sleepy King. They’re absolutely gorgeous.Have a browse of their Etsy Shop for other cute animal designs.

The Tiny Fig sells lovely handmade earrings, art prints and tea towels, and I especially like these little snail earrings.
Have a look at their shop here.

P.S The winner of the giveaway for a cute pair of red, rockabilly, heart earrings is Jennifer Payne of http://jennifer-lou.blogspot.com/

4 responses to “If You Go Down To The Woods Today…

  1. hi, how could i get the carrot ring? how do i buy it? I’m really broke, my gf asked me if i was going to buy her a diamond ring (jokingly, but i know she wants one), i can’t afford any kind of diamond ring at the moment at all.. but i thought i would give her a carrot promise ring for now and a real one later when i have some money, how can i buy it or how much does it cost??

  2. I found the link to shop, but can’t find the carrot ring, could somebody help me please? thanks

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