Pretty As A Piglet!

January is passing fast! So I thought it was time to start blogging, and this year I want to spend more time featuring other wonderful finds from shops and crafters, as well as sharing my own shop and work with you. On with the blog…

I live in the countryside. There are fields surrounding three sides of my house; one houses sheep, one houses ponies, and the last, nearest to us, houses pigs. Up until December the field was home to only two pigs, a lovely lady and fine young chap. But as of now, there’s nine pigs in the field, and I get to see seven of the cutest piglets you can ever imagine, every day from my living room window!

In honour of my new next door neighbours I wanted to share with you a few Piggy Products from a couple of cute Etsy shops I discovered recently.

Misala Handmade‘s bags and purses are completely adorable and come in a heap of fun shapes including birds, turtles, whales, and obviously pigs…

Aren’t these guys really lovely?

Bijunea makes jewellery and I especially like their little stud earrings!

I love both sets of these piggies!

You should  have a look at both these shops, as I think they’re really lovely, and they both have a load of cute items to search through!

In other news –
My Valentine’s Day items are all finished and photographed and should be going up anytime today or tomorrow. I’ve made some lovely gift tags and labels, cute bunting, and some nice love-themed jewellery.

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