New Camera & Dinosaur Cushion!

This week, as a belated birthday present, I received a new camera from my Uncle & I loooovvvveee it!

It’s such a step up from the one I’ve been using until now and I think it’ll really improve my blog and Etsy Shop. As a result this week I’ve bee manically photographing anything and everything, whilst trying to learn the settings, what it can do etc… It made some of the bits I walk past everyday, in my house, seem very pretty!

I’ve also been making this adorable, little, fella this week!

I say little, he’s actually pretty huge – probably about 1m x 1/2m – and is a custom order. I’d love to make more cushions like this – dinosaurs, animals, dragons – so if you or anyone else would like a large, felt cushion, in the cute shape of your choice, let me know! I this one so much I was reluctant to let him go – it was quite a sad goodbye, but it’s nice to know he’s going to a good home.

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