Christmas Lights & Making Necklaces !

I’ve had an even busier week than usual & the next couple of weeks promise to just get busier and busier!

Aside from my time jewellery & homeware making I’m also in a band – well two actually, they’re linked down the side of this page, over on the left! – and this week we were chosen as one of several acts to play at the turning on of our local Christmas lights. We were really excited to be picked and we think it went pretty well despite the freezing cold – it was an open-air stage in the town square! To find out more about my bands – one is based around a self-penned murder mystery, one is based around the Harry Potter books – visit or We do some pretty fun and crazy stuff, if I say so myself, so it’s worth a look!

Back in the world of Goodnight Boutique…
I’ve been making necklaces this week. I decided my stock of earrings far outstripped all my other jewellery, so I dedicated some time to making guitar, shoe, vintage car and penny farthing necklaces. They can be found, available to buy, on my Etsy shop – here are some pictures!

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